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Take your time

There is a lot to learn so take your time. Avoid putting a lot of pressure on yourself. You may know somebody who will tell you that they only took a few lessons before their test, however they may have omitted to tell you that they had lots of private practice. Remember that everyone is an individual and what worked for one person may not work for another. Believe me, learning to drive and taking a modern day driving test is a lot more difficult nowadays than it used to be. Many experienced drivers would most likely fail a driving test today. I will guide you through all the various stages of learning to drive and passing a driving test.

Learn the controls thoroughly

One of the first skills I will teach you is to control the car correctly. It’s vital that you can control a car properly. I’ll teach you how to make proper use of the steering along with the foot controls of accelerator and footbrake. Having good control over these main controls will give you more time to concentrate on other parts of your driving. If you are able to get some private practice you might just be as well getting practice on manoeuvring such as parking, reversing and turning. Remember it is much more beneficial for you to practice driving or manoeuvring a car very slowly and accurately rather than just driving along a long straight road with nothing on it.

Study at home

You would be wise to study the Highway Code and a number of other books on driving. Most libraries have a good selection of study material. Also the internet is full of information on driving. Have a look at some of the links on this page, they can direct you to some useful websites full of good information.

Why not try a few questions right now by clicking the following link: Try Our Mock Theory Test

Ask me

I’m very friendly and don’t mind helping you in anyway I can.

Don’t be afraid to ask me questions.

I have a number of various ways of teaching, so if a certain way is not working for you then I’ll try another method which might help you better.

Driving test stories

Most driving test stories are slightly exaggerated. The majority of driving examiners used to be driving instructors so I’m sure they would much rather pass you rather than fail you.

At the start of a test your examiner will have a completely clean marking sheet, your job is to keep it clean.

Very simply if you drive the way I have taught you, then you will pass very easily.

Mock driving tests

I will give you a number of mock driving tests before you sit your actual driving test. A mock test can be quite different from an actual driving lesson. Taking a mock test with me will give both of us a good indication as to how you would fair on the real driving test. I won’t give you a mock test until you are at a standard where you can drive completely on your own and without getting any help from me for about 40 minutes.

Be discreet

When you start learning it won’t be long before someone asks you about when are you going in for your test.

The person asking the question usually means well but it can become tedious and stressful for you. Try not to tell too many people about you learning because the added stress may become a distraction and affect your training.

Look after your licence

Keep both parts of your licence in a safe place.

You will need to take both parts of your licence when you attend for both your theory and practical driving test.

Useful Links

Here are some really useful learner driving links:

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