Chorley Automatic Driving Lessons
Driving lessons in Chorley / Leyland and the surrounding areas

So if you are sitting there thinking about learning to drive then just consider learning in an automatic car and then very soon you will be ripping up your L plates and enjoying the freedom of driving.

If you’re looking for automatic driving lessons in Chorley / Leyland then I would like to help you.

There are various types of driver training courses from one or two hours per week, or even quick pass ‘crash courses’ over a number of weeks. The most popular way is by learning in two hour sessions. Taking your automatic driving lessons in the Chorley and Leyland areas especially in two hour slots will give you more time to master any particular skills arranged for that lesson. I can usually pick you up from wherever is most convenient for you whether its your home, college or work

Intensive Driving Courses

I can sometimes conduct quick pass driving courses in the Chorley and Leyland areas. These courses can also be known as intensive courses or crash courses. Courses can be arranged over a number of weeks and the length of training will depend mostly on your current skills and also your availability to take lessons that match with mine.

Motorway Driving Lessons

It’s vital that pupils take some professional training before driving on the motorway, nowadays driving instructors are allowed to take pupils on the motorway when they believe they are at the standard to cope with the additional risks involved with motorway driving. I can help you with motorway driving, for example, how to join and exit a motorway in the safest way. Other skills covered will be judging speeds, allowing a safe following distance, the interpretation of road and route signs, correct lane discipline and how to overtake other vehicles safely.

Pass Plus Lessons

I am a registered Pass Plus driving instructor and I can arrange a pass plus course for you that will allow you to contact a list of insurance companies who may offer you a discount because of you having a pass plus certificate.

Refresher Lessons

For those people who may have passed their driving tests some time ago but maybe haven’t driven much then I can arrange some refresher lessons for you to help you get back on the road with bags of confidence.

Driving Instructor Training

Students Driving School are always looking for people who may be considering a career as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) I can put you in touch with their sister company called Preston Driving School Ltd who have an Ordit registered trainer who can train you. All driving instructor training is based on a ‘Pay As You Learn’ basis. You can find more details by clicking here.

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